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Welcome to Hofbauer Co. Ltd.

The Hofbauer Co. Ltd. main aim is the sale of livestock and fish mostly from their own farms, ... but also from thorough selected Czech cattle and fish farmers. Our own production takes place at the family farm in Stříbřec near the South Bohemian town Třeboň. Family company Hofbauer Traditional Farm manage an area of ​​about 300 hectares of own pasture and 130 hectares of own ponds. History of farming of the Hofbauer family on "Stříbřec waters and meadows" dates back to 1568 and the current homesteader is the 13th successor of the Hofbauer family. The company is very well equipped with 14 fish storage ponds in 2 centers adequately equipped mechanization to ensure the gentlest handling of the fish. Our own cattle is bred in the green homestead possessing a certificate BIO ABCERT, year-round is pastured on adjacent pastures or fed silage only from our own production. The complex is equipped with stables for cattle housing and free assembly center equipped to ensure the weighing and loading or unloading is smooth for young and adult cattle.